We recommend that all cats are neutered at a young age unless they are to be used for breeding purposes. It is important to keep queens (female cats) indoors until neutering has been completed as unwanted pregnancies are common and can occur from 4 months onwards. The pros and cons of neutering are listed below so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes:


Tom - Castration


No risk of testicular tumours


Reduction of aggressive behaviour towards other cats therefore reducing number of injuries


Reduction of inappropriate behaviours (spraying in house, cat calling etc)


Reduction of odour

Neutered cats are more prone to obesity


Anaesthetic carries minor risk


Queens - Spaying


No risk of unwanted pregnancies


No negative behaviours associated with coming into season


No risk of uterine tumours


No phantom pregnancies (rare)

Neutered queens are prone to obesity


Anaesthetic carries minor risk


The decision on when to neuter your pet should be made on the advice of your vet.  Queens are usually spayed around 6 months of age. Males are normally neutered around 6 months too but the surgery can be perfomed from 4 months in certain circumstances.